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Release of Liability

RELEASE OF LIABILITY Agreement made between you, referred to herein as Customer and Flex Tec USA LLC. Whereas, customer owns a computer, cell phone or other electronic device and would like to contract with Flex Tec USA. Customer acknowledges that the services provided by Flex Tec USA LLC may result in malfunction or functions of the device and acknowledges that this result may occur through no fault of Flex Tec USA LLC and understanding the risk of accepting the services of Flex Tec USA LLC. Customer assumes all responsibility and risk for any damage to the device that may result from such services, repairs, and/or maintenance. Furthermore. Customer covenants not to sue Flex Tec USA LLC and agrees in advance to release, wave, and forever discharge Flex Tec USA LLC against any and all liability for any damage, claims, actions, causes of action, costs, and expenses of any nature that may result from service, maintenance and/or repair services the customer accepts from Flex Tec USA LLC

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